Resources for Policy Writers

The following documents are designed to assist policy and procedure owners as they navigate the process of formulating, documenting, and promulgating campus wide policies and procedures at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Campus Wide Administrative Policies This document provides Policy Sponsors and Policy Owners guidance to ensure a consistent, inclusive, and transparent vetting and approval process for administrative policies affecting a broad range of the campus community by defining roles and responsibilities, processes, and communication requirements in the absence of a system wide policy on policies.

Campus Wide Administrative Policies and Procedures Approval Process These  procedures lay out the step-by-step process for determining the need, developing, vetting, obtaining approval, and communicating new and revised campus wide administrative policies and procedures. 

Policy and Procedure Transmittal Sheet This transmittal sheet helps policy and process owners document the review and approval process of new and revised policies and procedures.

Policy Template This policy template is a predesigned fixed format structure used to provide guidance and facilitate easy, consistent capture of all required policy components.

Procedure Template Like the policy template, the procedure template is predesigned to provide guidance and facilitate easy consistent capture of all required procedure components.

Campus Policy Approval Flowchart This draft process documents the steps involved in the campus policy approval process.

Consultation Plan Checklist The Policy Owner should consult with the PCO to determine the appropriate reviewing parties. The checklist then acts as a communication roadmap. 

UC Systemwide Policies

University Policy Office in the Office of the President is the office of record for Presidential delegations of authority and Presidential policies.  The process of development, coordination, review and issuance of these documents is the responsibility of that office; legal review is the responsibility of the General Counsel of The Regents.  Presidential policies may be issued in the form of letters, statements, delegations of authority, or as policy manuals.

UC System Policy Toolkit offers additional resources for policy writers, including the UC Policy Style Guide.

Non-UC Resources
Occasionally this site provides a link to an important non-UC resource (e.g., Federal regulations). 

Policies and Procedures


Policy.  An administrative policy is a written statement that meets all of the following conditions:

  1. Has general applicability to members of the UC Santa Cruz campus community and is not specific to a particular division, unit/department, or office.

  2. Utilizes the standard policy and/or procedure template and formatting, available above. Longer more complex policies that cannot conform to the template may simply include the following required sections: Purpose of the Policy, Definitions, Detailed Policy Statement, Getting Help, Applicability and Authority, Related Policies.References.

  3.  Is consistent, more restrictive, or supplemental, but is not contrary to Regental or UC Office of the President (UCOP) policies, including personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements. Where policies intersectio or overlap, text should be cross-referenced rather than repeated in the body of the policy.

  4. It is distinct from a procedure. Whenever possible, the Policy Owner should make a distinction between policy and procedure. As a general rule, policies and procedures appear as separate documents. Campus policies state a set of directives and provide general parameters for fulfilling the intended campus objective. Campus procedures represent an implementation of policy by providing the steps and detailed guidance related to the successful and efficient performance of a particular administrative process.

  5. It requires formal approval by the highest executive or academic authorities of the campus e.g., Chancellor or the Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor.

Procedure. The steps and detailed guidance related to the successful and efficient performance of a particular administrative process.

Campus Wide Administrative Policy and Procedures Guidance has been designed and developed to effectively move decision-making to appropriate levels, to streamline the process, and ensure transparency and inclusiveness.


Delegations of Authority

Delegation of authority letters assign formal authority and responsibility for actions and activities to specific campus administrators.  This authority is usually originated by the President of the University.  In addition, campus administrators have certain responsibilities inherent to their job responsibilities.


  • Align authority with appropriate organization level of responsibility. I.e., place delegation (authority) where actual decision and financial accountability rests. 
  • Ensure Consistency. I.e., ensure that delegations are consistent and do not conflict with Standing Orders of the Regents, Presidential delegations, current policy statements, financial bulletins, and manuals.
  • Provide authority to the position. I.e., Written authority is granted to a title and position rather than an individual.


Policy Coordination

Policy Coordination (, x9-3411), on behalf of the Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor and Chancellor's Offices, is responsible for coordinating campus delegations of authority and administrative policy development.  The Office is also responsible for maintenance of this website and for serving as a central consulting resource to campus administrative officers and policy and procedure owners. The Office of the Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor is the office of record for the official version of all campus delegations of authority and of all campus administrative policies.