Obtaining and Returning Keys to Campus Facilities: SPS0002
Effective: May 1, 1997

Obtaining and Returning Keys to Campus Facilities

(Procedure SPS0002)

I. Overview/Procedure Description

To promote the security of campus personnel and appropriate access to University property, it is the policy of UCSC to control the use and possession of keys to campus facilities. See Policy SPS0001: Key Control and Access. This procedure outlines the unit’s responsibilities for (A) requesting, (B) issuing, and (C) returning unneeded keys to its assigned facilities.

II. Areas of Responsibility

· Campus Units: Issue and control of keys to its assigned spaces. 
· Physical Plant Lock Shop: Design keying systems and fabricate and duplicate keys.

III. Procedure Steps/Checklist

A. Request for Keys

1. Units requiring keys to campus facilities must submit a request for keys on a Physical Plant Work Order, signed by the unit head or designee. The Work Order must include the key number and quantity requested, and the authorizing signature must be on file with the Lock Shop.

2. The Lock Shop is responsible for furnishing keys to Police, Fire, and EH&S within one working day of issuing new keys (the requesting unit will be charged for keys issued to public safety units).

a. The Lock Shop will report all re-keying, as necessary, to Police, Fire, and EH&S for emergency access information files.
b. The Fire and Police Chiefs have the authority to limit issuance of special keys off the highest level master key for the building with the objective of minimizing the number of unique keys that Police, Fire, and EH&S are required to carry for emergency response.

B. Issuing

1. In accordance with the Eligibility Criteria (UCSC Policy SPS0001: Key Control and Access), specified campus administrators are authorized to issue certain keys; the authorizing campus administrator will complete the Key Use Authorization Form.

2. Each unit head shall assign ONE person to be responsible for the issuance and retrieval of keys to unit related personnel to maintain key control records.

3. Upon receipt, the employee to whom a key is issued must complete the Key Acceptance and Use Agreement.

C. Returned Keys

University keys are the property of the University of California and may be recovered at any time. Key retrieval from separating staff and faculty, and other users no longer requiring access, is the responsibility of the issuing unit; all keys must be returned to the issuing unit. Units no longer needing keys shall return them to the Lock Shop.

IV. Definitions


V. Getting Help

If you need help with... Contact...
...key policy Police Department x 2231
...obtaining keys Lock Shop x 2165

VI. Applicability and Authority

This procedure for Obtaining and Returning Keys to Campus Facilities applies to all campus units.

It is a new procedure and thus supersedes any campus practices in existence prior to its effective date.

The University Police is the campus authority for the Obtaining and Returning Keys to Campus Facilities procedure. This procedure was reviewed and approved by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services on May 1, 1997. Next review date is October 1998.

VII. References

Related Policies and Procedures

UCSC Policy SPS0001: Key Control and Access
UCSC Policy SPS0003: Installation and Use of Security Alarms
UCSC Procedure SPS0004: Requesting New or Modified Security Alarm Service


UCSC Student “Rule Book”
Section 40.0, et seq “Policy on Use of University Properties
Section 100, et seq “Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline” Related Forms
Key Use Authorization and Acceptance Form