Events with Alcoholic Beverages: BAS-0009 (Formerly EVC001)
Effective Date: November 15, 2021
Last Revision Date: August 20, 2021

Events with Alcoholic Beverages 

(Policy BAS-0009)

I. Purpose of the Policy

The University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) allows for the legal and responsible use of alcoholic beverages while assuring compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. This policy ensures the university is within compliance for the sale, consumption, and distribution of alcohol at UCSC Events.

This policy does not address an individual's alcoholic beverage consumption while on travel status. Nor does this policy encompass the detailed rules and regulations governing the procurement, approval, or reimbursement process for business meetings and entertainment-related alcohol purchases. Please refer to UC Business Finance Bulletin: BUS-79 – Expenditures for Entertainment, Business Meetings, and Other Occasions for more information.

Alcohol purchased by Dining Services for cooking or catering purposes is exempted from this policy and must follow procurement guidelines.

This policy does not apply to events hosted by Non-Affiliates (as defined in the Regulations Governing Conduct of Non-Affiliates in the Buildings and on the Grounds of the University of California). Real Estate Services (RES) handles the required Use Permits for events hosted by Non-Affiliates. The Use Permit will include the necessary legal and insurance requirements. However, RES does not handle finalizing ABC Permits for Non-Affiliate events. Non-Affiliates should work with their sponsoring university official to finalize ABC Permits in the name of the individual or group as necessary for their event. Please visit the RES website for more information at

Where conflicts exist between this campus policy and UC systemwide policies, UC systemwide policies shall take precedence.

II. Definitions

Closed Event: Events that limit attendance via direct invitation.

Event: Any activity serving a university business purpose that is authorized, organized, and/or controlled by a UCSC employee or other individual serving as the University's principal representative regardless of where or when the event is held. Events may include but are not limited to meetings, performances, rallies, social gatherings, receptions, and fundraising activities.

Open Event: Events that are open to the general public.

III. Roles and Responsibilities

Certified Alcohol Server: The individual who is certified through ABC’s Responsible Beverage Service training and provided through a qualified third-party vendor.

Designated Beverage Server: The individual(s) who is designated to distribute food and/or beverages and who meets the following requirements. Designated beverages servers do not need ABC’s Responsible Beverage Service certification.

A. Is at least 21 years of age if the server’s primary duty is to mix and/or serve alcoholic beverages; minors between 18 and 21 years of age may serve alcoholic beverages as an incidental part of their overall duties. Minors cannot act as bartenders.
B. May not consume any alcoholic beverages during the event.
C. Is instructed to ask for identification if a guest appears to be under 30 years of age.
D. Must not provide alcohol to guests who appear to be intoxicated.

Official Host: The individual physically representing the university at the event who ensures all University policies are followed and certifies that all expenses were incurred for a substantial and official university purpose, confirms the number of attendees at the event. The Official Host may not be the same person as the EEC; the EEC is the person certifying expenses.

Event Organizer: The individual making arrangements, ordering food, etc.

Top-level Event Expense Certifier (EEC): The individual with delegated authority to approve events including alcohol, who certifies that the event will comply fully with all of the applicable requirements of the Events with Alcoholic Beverages: BAS-0009 policy. An EEC cannot serve as the Official Host but may attend the event as a guest.

IV. Detailed Policy Statement

All Events where alcoholic beverages are served or consumed (including donated) require compliance with the following:

Closed Events

Number of attendees

Ticket for admission fee

Type of server required

University supplied alcohol allowed? Donated alcohol allowed Event Assistance Form required ABC Permit required
149 or less No None Yes Yes No No
150+  No Designated Beverage Server(s) Yes Yes Yes No
149 or less Yes Certified Alcohol Server(s) supplied by third-party No No No Yes
150+ Yes Certified Alcohol Server(s) supplied by third-party No No Yes Yes

Open Events

Number of attendees

Ticket for admission fee

Type of server required

University supplied alcohol allowed? Donated alcohol allowed Event Assistance Form required ABC Permit required
149 or less No Designated Beverage Server(s) Yes Yes No No
150+  No Designated Beverage Server(s) Yes Yes Yes No
149 or less Yes Certified Alcohol Server(s) supplied by third-party No No No Yes
150+ Yes Certified Alcohol Server(s) supplied by third-party No No Yes Yes


A. Events on UCSC premises with 150 attendees or more are considered Major Events and require an Event Assistance Form be submitted to the UC Police Department four weeks in advance to make arrangements for the appropriate level of security. 

B. Attendees less than 21 years of age must be restricted from direct access and may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages.

C. Non-alcoholic beverages, food, and snacks must be available during the same time alcoholic beverages are made available.

D. Stop providing alcohol at a reasonable time—preferably at least an hour before the event is scheduled to end.

E. Alcoholic beverages are considered to be served or consumed at the event per university policy, regardless of whether they are purchased or donated.

F. Individuals must dispose of all open or not consumed alcoholic beverages before leaving the premises.

Third-party Vendors

A. When alcoholic beverages are available through a no host/cash bar, the third-party vendor is required to independently obtain an ABC permit in their own name and provide ABC certified alcohol servers.

B. The ABC permit application requires the signatures of the property owner and law enforcement authorities. Only those who have been formally delegated these authorities may place signatures on the application.

C. Individuals planning to sponsor events that enter into a profit share agreement with a separate non-profit entity to manage, host, and collect ticket or admission fees must consult with Campus Counsel.


A. Events that are designed to serve undergraduate purposes may not include alcohol served, consumed, or donated.

B. Individuals are prohibited from bringing their own alcoholic beverages to Open Events.

C. State funds may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages. Federal funds, such as from sponsored awards, may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages unless the award explicitly allows such a purchase.

D. The California Constitution prohibits the sale or manufacturing of alcoholic beverages by the University, including by University Catering. Exchanging any consideration for alcoholic beverage service constitutes a sale. “Consideration” includes money, tickets, tokens, or chits that have been issued in exchange for money or anything else of value. Events with ticket or admission fees may not include free alcoholic beverages.

V. Compliance

Any individual found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements, or faculty, staff, or Student Code of Conduct policies.

VI. Getting Help

The units and individuals below provide assistance to campus units in relation to the policy.

If you need help with ... Contact...
questions about this policy Marie Logan, Director, Operations & Strategic Initiatives, Vice Chancellor’s Office, Division of Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA),,
the entertainment process ● CruzBuy questions: 
● Entertainment Policy questions:
● Entertainment Reporting form technical questions:
● Vendor payments and expense reimbursement questions:
event safety and security Mary Garcia , Chief of Police, UC Police Department, or
University Catering Services or 831-459-4600
insurance requirements Jennifer Yeager, Associate Director, Risk Services,, 459-5154, or
non-affiliates or outside organizations/groups - Use Permit process Nikki Vamosi, Director, Real Estate and Contract
Services, or
tax credit for donations the Gift Administration Manager, University Development,, or

VII. Applicability and Authority

This policy on Events with Alcoholic Beverages applies to all Events where alcoholic beverages are served or consumed.

This policy supersedes the Campus Alcoholic Beverage Policy for UCSC Sponsored Events policy dated 08/31/2011.

The Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services is the campus authority for the Events with Alcoholic Beverages policy. This policy was reviewed and approved by Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor, Lori Kletzer, on 11/15/2021. This policy will be reviewed every five years.

VIII. Related Policies.References for More Information


Appendix A: Flow Chart for Alcoholic Beverages Served at Events

Related Policies and Procedures

University of California Policy Business and Finance Bulletin, BUS-79, Expenditures for Business Meetings,
Entertainment, and Other Occasions,

Policy on Substance Abuse, dated 11/20/1990,
Regulations Governing Conduct of Non-Affiliates in the Buildings and on the Grounds of the University of California,

UC Santa Cruz Policy

Major Events, DSAS-0001 [link tba]

Related Delegations of Authority

University of California Delegation of Authority--University Approval of Liquor Licenses for Campus Facilities, (DA 0554), dated January 10, 1977 (DA 0554)

Relevant Laws: This list is for convenience only and not intended to be comprehensive

California Constitution Section 22 (Cal. Const. art. XX, § 22)
Alcoholic Beverages Control Act, California Business and Professions Code, Division 9

California Penal Code, Sec. 647f

IX. Revision History

11/15/2021: Consolidated and reorganized policy text utilizing the official policy template. Removed restriction on advertisement, advance approval, and Appendix A. Updated policy name and number to reflect Business and Administrative Services sponsorship, revised language for clarity, introduced new terms: Open Events, Closed Events, updated server requirements, redefined roles and responsibilities, added information on events with ticket or admission fees, and added a flowchart.

December 1, 2010: Campus Alcohol Beverage Policy for UCSC Sponsored Events

August 1989: Alcohol and Drug Policy

April 26, 2007: UCSC Alcoholic Beverages Policy for Group Events

May 20, 2002: Delegation of Authority, Authorization to Approve Purchases of Alcoholic Beverages, Chancellor to CP/EVC, Vice Chancellors, et al.