Workplace Violence: BAS-0008

Effective Date: May 1, 2000

Last Revision Date: March 26, 2019

Workplace Violence

(Policy BAS-0008)

I. Purpose of the Policy

The University of California, Santa Cruz (university) can best achieve its mission of teaching, research, and public service when employees work in an environment that supports the free exchange of ideas and constructive methods of conflict resolution. Intimidation, threats, and acts of violence impede effective communication and undermine employee well-being, the sense of community, and the university’s ability to achieve its mission. Moreover, these destructive behaviors erode the rights of employees to a violence-free Workplace under California law and university policy.

The purpose of this policy is to codify the university’s commitment to a violence-free Workplace.

II. Definitions

Act of Violence: Any act/behavior committed against oneself, another person or the property of another, the result of which causes bodily injury, however slight, to the other person or damage to said property.

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT): A multidisciplinary, rapid response team for evaluating incidents of potential or actual Workplace violence within the UCSC community. The specific functions of the BIT are to: (1) collect information on the incident, (2) assess the potential for escalation to violence, and (3) advise individuals and university offices on providing a coordinated campus response.

Imminent Danger: Any condition or practice that could reasonably be expected to cause immediate serious risk of death or physical harm to oneself or another person or substantial damage to property.

Intimidation: Any act/behavior which is intended to injure, frighten, coerce,
or induce duress.

Property Damage: Any intentional damage to property, including property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the Regents of the University of California on behalf of the University of California, Santa Cruz, or its employees, students, visitors, vendors or others.

Threat of Violence: Any behavior which threatens another person or oneself or which threatens damage to the property of another, under such circumstances that would cause the target to reasonably fear for their safety, the safety of others or damage to said property. Such behavior (which can be written, verbal, or physical) constitutes a threat without regard to whether the party communicating the threat has the present ability to carry it out and without regard to whether the expression is contingent, conditional, or future.

Workplace: Any location owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the Regents of the University of California on behalf of the University of California, Santa Cruz, or any location where a university employee is acting in the course and scope of employment. This includes, but is not limited to buildings, grounds, and surrounding perimeters, including parking lots, field locations, classrooms, and residence halls. It also includes vehicles when those vehicles are used for university business.

III. Detailed Policy Statement

1. Intimidation, Threats of Violence, and Acts of Violence are prohibited in the University of California, Santa Cruz Workplace.

2. No person shall possess or have control of any firearm (California Penal Code section 626.9), deadly weapon, prohibited knife (California Penal Code section 626.10) or explosive device in the University of California, Santa Cruz Workplace, except as required in the lawful course of business or as authorized by the UC Santa Cruz Chief of Police.

3. Supervisors and managers are required to document and report all known or suspected violations of the Workplace Violence policy to the appropriate campus office specified below in Section IV Getting Help.

4. Anyone who is subject to, witnesses, or has knowledge of a suspected violation of this policy, or who has reason to believe that such a violation may occur is urged to report the suspected violation to the appropriate authority as specified below in Section IV Getting Help.

5. Any behaviors of concern related to violence or Threats of Violence may be reported to and evaluated by the Behavioral Intervention Team.

6. This policy prohibits retaliation against any person who reports policy violations in good faith; who assists someone else with such a report; or who participates in an investigation or the resolution of a report.

7. Intentionally making false reports of violations of this policy is prohibited. The scope of this policy does not specifically address sexual harassment and sexual violence. Under the UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment, responsible employees must report all Incidents or complaints that involve allegations of sexual harassment or sexual violence to the UC Santa Cruz Title IX Office.

Any individual found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with applicable academic personnel, staff personnel, or Student Code of Conduct policies, including collective bargaining agreements and/or federal, state, and local laws. Such individuals may be barred from university property and activities.

IV. Getting Help

For information on resources, how to report a policy violation, as well as examples of prohibited behavior under this policy, refer to the UC Santa Cruz Violence in the Workplace Handbook pages on the Staff Human Resources website.

If you need help with ... Contact ...
… an emergency or you feel
you or others are Imminent
University Police, 911
reporting non-emergency policy violations

Supervisors and/or Staff, Director, Employee & Labor Relations 
Jennifer Schiffner, 459-1930,,

Academic Appointees, Director, Academic Employee Relations, Danny Gray, 459-4300, dggray@ucsc.edu

Student Employees, Director, Career Center, Barbara Silverthorne, 459-4590,,, Students Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students, Garrett Naiman, 459-4446,,

 contacting the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Associate Vice Chancellor, Risk and Safety Services
Jean Marie Scott, 459-3031,,
...interpreting this policy Associate Vice Chancellor, Risk and Safety Services
Jean Marie Scott, 459-3031,,, or Associate Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources, Steve Stein, 459-1930,,
… reporting sexual harassment, sexual violence, sex discrimination, or gender-based discrimination Title IX Officer, 459-2462, or public incident report 
… crisis counseling and support services for academic appointees and staff Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
UC Access Code 11280, 1-888-440-8225
... crisis counseling and support services for students Counseling and Psychological Crisis Services

V. Applicability and Authority

This policy on Workplace violence applies to all individuals in the UC Santa Cruz Workplace, including employees, students, visitors, and others.

This policy supersedes the document titled Workplace Violence Policy and Procedures dated 7/1/2006.

The Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services is the campus authority for the Workplace Violence Policy, with implementation authority delegated to the Associate Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources and the Associate Vice Chancellor, Risk and Safety Services.

This policy was reviewed and approved by Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Tromp on 3/26/2019. This policy will be reviewed every five years.

VI. Related Policies/References for More Information

Related Policies and Procedures

UC Santa Cruz Violence in the Workplace Handbook

Regulations Governing Conduct of Non-Affiliates in the Buildings and on the Grounds of the University of California

Student Policies and Regulations Handbook

UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

UC Whistleblower Protection Policy

Regulations Governing Conduct of Non-Affiliates in the Buildings and on the Grounds of the University of California 

Regents Policy 1111: Policy on Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct


Related Delegations


California Labor Code § 6400

California Code of Civil Procedure § 527.8

California Penal Code Section § 626 – 626.11

OSHA General Duty Clause: Section 5(a)(1)

Cal/OSHA Guidelines for Workplace Security

UC Santa Cruz Title IX Office 

VII. Revision History

March 26, 2019: Updated the purpose of the policy, revised and added definitions, updated the policy statement, separated policy from Violence in the Workplace Handbook, added a getting help section, added an applicability and authority section, added related policies and references as well as a revision history.

July 1, 2006: Updated warning signs, added strategies to de-escalate threatening behavior.

May 1, 2000: new policy


UC Santa Cruz Policy

Vice Chancellor Business and Administrative Services, (831) 459-3778