Resources for Delegation Writers

In the Standing Orders of The Regents, certain authorities are conferred upon the President of the University of California by the Board. The President may choose to transfer certain responsibilities to other senior officers, including Chancellors of the campuses, by formally delegating authority in a published form. Within the Santa Cruz campus, specific operational responsibilities for actions and/or activities, including authority to act, commit, or execute resources and documents legally binding to the University, are assigned to specified campus administrators by delegation of authority letters. Additionally, responsibilities are delegated in policies or captured within job descriptions and policies.

The following templates are designed to assist process owners as they document re-delegation of authority from Chancellor to senior leadership at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Delegation of Authority Transmittal Sheet This transmittal sheet helps process owners document the review and approval process of new and revised re-delegations of authority.

Delegation of Authority Template This delegation of authority template is a predesigned fixed format structure used to provide guidance and facilitate easy, consistent capture of all required delegation components.